Kannauj: Hungry goat chews up owner’s cash worth Rs 66,000!

Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 7 : In a bizarre yet hysterical development emerging from Uttar Pradesh's Kannauj district, the deed of a hungry goat has left his owner in grave shock, after he found out that his dear pet chewed up his hard earned money worth Rs.

66,000 from the pocket of his trouser. The incident is from Siluapur Village of Kannauj district, where a farmer named Sarvesh Pal was given the money by his brother who lives in Noida for the construction of his house.

Pal hanged his trousers on the hanger, before going to take a bath, when the hungry goat somehow managed to chew the notes that were kept in its pocket.

"I was going to buy bricks from the furnace; I thought to take a bath first before going. By the time I got out, he chewed up all the currency. My bother gave me money for the construction of the house," Pal told ANI. Pal is youngest of his five brothers, who live in the village with his mother, wife and children. Rest of his brother's works in town. Extremely furious and upset with the incident, Pal has now decided to sell off his goats!.

Source: ANI