Karntaka’s Covid data most transparent, says Minister

Bengaluru, Sep 30 : Rebutting Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah's charges, Karnataka Medical Education Minister Dr K.

Sudhakar on Wednesday asserted that the state government had not fudged any data with regards to Covid-19 deaths in the state.

Responding to Siddaramaiah's charges through Twitter, the minister added that the state government collects Covid data from all hospitals at a particular time.

"Jalappa Hospital in Kolar had not furnished it on the same day and in stipulated forms, as a result those deaths did not reflect in our data on the said dates.

But those deaths were included on subsequent dates," he tweeted, releasing a bulletin of subsequent dates.

Sudhakar said that the state government was acting responsibly and honestly sharing Covid data in the most transparent manner.

"Why will we hide anything like death, which cannot be hidden in any manner," he asked.



Source: IANS