Kerala Tourism rolls out ‘ComeOutAndPlay’ monsoon campaign

Thiruvananthapuram, June 1 : With the monsoon season beginning in Kerala, the state Tourism Department has rolled out 'ComeOutAndPlay' monsoon campaign to promote the nearly two-month long rainy season.

Participants will need to engage in any outdoor activity like hopping on one leg, slow cycling or crossing a log bridge and post the same on social media with #ComeOutandPlay.

Winners will be rewarded fabulous 'ComeOutAndPlay' merchandise.

Over the past years, Kerala received around 70,000 visitors from Saudi Arabia during the monsoon season who come to experience the rains besides ayurveda treatments, as it is during the rains that ayurveda is the most effective.

Highlighting the campaign, A.P.

Bala Kiran, Director of Kerala Tourism, said the state offers the vacationers a chance to rediscover nature, rekindle relationships and reconnect with life by indulging into various activities such as trekking, ayurvedic massage, river rafting and numerous more.

"The main objective of the campaign is to divest vacationers of their 'career selves', their 'formal adultness' and their preoccupation with devices, careers and the routine of everyday life.

The campaign idea mainly focuses on 'Play' in the context of families and in-turn it reconnects the families," said Kiran.

In the previous calendar year, Kerala garnered Rs 8,392.11 crore revenue from the one million foreign tourists who visited the state.



Source: IANS