Beauty And The Beast

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beauty1 Long ago there lived a merchant. He lost all his wealth and became poor. He had six daughters, five of whom were very selfish. The youngest was called Beauty as she was sweet and lovely.The five sisters were very lazy and complained most of the time. It was Beauty who did all the housework.
There came a pleasant message for the merchant one day. The message said that one of his ships with all kinds of riches had come to port. The five sisters asked their father to leave immediately and get them all the clothes and jewels. Beauty wanted him to get just a rose. Kissing his daughters, the father left with high hopes. beauty2
beauty3 After traveling for one and a half days, the merchant reached the port only to be told that pirates have sunk his ship. Dejected, he started home with nothing to gift his daughters. As he was traveling, a terrible storm arose and he lost his way in the forest. Cold and hungry, he saw a huge castle, which looked like a home of very wealthy. Very tired, he went towards the castle.
Finding no one, the merchant went inside the castle. He was happy to see a long table set with a lovely meal. He found fruits, cakes, meats and a fine red wine. He also saw a fire blazing in the fireplace. After a hearty meal, the merchant felt sleepy. He got into the bedroom and fell asleep on a large and comfortable bed. beauty4

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