The Flying Trunk

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flying1 Long ago there lived a very rich merchant who had a son. When he died, his son was left with enormous wealth.
The son was not as shrewd a businessman as his father. He spent unwisely and was left penniless very soon.
No one cared for this poor one. There was one person who came to help him. He brought with him an old trunk and asked the poor one to pack up and leave the town. flying2
flying3 Sad and alone he sat on the old trunk. Suddenly the trunk lifted off the ground, went out through the open window and rose high into the sky. Holding the trunk tightly, the young man could see high buildings, church spires, rivers, ships and people who looked no bigger than insects.
Finally, the trunk landed slowly in front of a magnificent marble palace. The young man hid the trunk outside and entered the palace. A rich sultan, sitting cross-legged on a golden throne received him. The young man started to boast about his riches after seeing the wealth of sultan. flying4


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