Lakhs join ‘Tweet Morcha’ against fuel price hike

Mumbai, June 2 : People across the country tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday demanding a cut in fuel prices in a unique "Tweet Morcha" organised by the Mumbai Congress.

The online protest was organised by state party President Sanjay Nirupam and author Sucheta Dalal and joined by prominent Mumbaikars, celebrities and civil society members.

"The objective of this protest is to build public pressure on the non-responsive BJP governments at the Centre and in state and to spur them to act on rising fuel prices," Nirupam said.

The "Tweet Morcha" was a follow-up of last week's series of street processions organised by the Congress, but lack of positive action from the government has agitated people further, he said.

"Mumbai has seen a consistent hike in fuel prices despite the price of crude oil decreasing internationally.

While this has disrupted the budget of the common man, the Bharatiya Janata Party government has reached new heights of insensitivity as they decided to reduce the petrol prices by one paisa.

This is not acceptable to the masses," he added.

The tweets, demanding a curb on the fuel prices at the earliest, were sent to the Prime Minister and the Maharashtra Chief Minister using #TweetMorcha and #CutFuelTaxes.

"The BJP government strategically froze the prices of diesel and petrol in Karnataka during the campaign before the May Assembly elections.

However, the fuel prices have been witnessing a continuous hike since then.

"The government has been waiving the huge loans of the businessmen who fail to repay their loans but blatantly exploits the poor who reel under inflation for past four years," added Nirupam.

"It is a myth that fuel price hike affects the rich or the upper middle class alone.

High fuel prices have an inflationary effect across the system. It increases transport charges and costs and this hurts the poorer people when prices of basic commodities and vegetables are impacted," said Dalal.

Hence, the entire economy suffers while the government has been levying a series of unreasonable charges of fuel.

This is highly unacceptable, she added.

Saturday's protest was the second "Tweet Morcha" after the first one held last year against the unfair charges levied by banks on customers.

Following the Twitter protest, the RBI was forced to take action against the unfair trade practices of banks within 72 hours.



Source: IANS