Lend rustic touch to home with wooden frames, classic rugs

New Delhi, June 12 : Make your home look more artistic and rustic with old-looking wooden doors and window frames or bring in some copper, bronze metal objects and throw in some rugs, suggest experts.

Vaibhav Jain, CEO, Deco Window, and Piyush Bhandari, Co-founder at Jumpinggoose, have ideas for giving a makeover to your abode:

* Wood: The wooden pieces of art are back in store.

Increasing number of interior designers are suggesting going for wooden decor to give your abode a pleasant look.

Be it wall shelves or curtain rods.

Opt for wooden flooring as there is a plethora of options available in the market.

Wooden frames give an antique look to your room with a vintage feel.

* Rustic: Rustic is often associated with laidback, calm and non-urban feel.

Furniture which blends rustic with modern trends is a great combination for home decor. It also goes well with floral, hence a theme having hanging flowers in your outdoor can also have a good rustic background.

* Metallic: There is something about wall arts that add charm to your room. Heavy paintings or frames act as a way of expressing yourself through your decor. Combining copper, gold, silver can prove to be a good idea, provided matte is something that's kept in mind while looking for the end product.

Bronze vases, high-gloss metals for bowls work well to accessorise your home, but make sure to keep the metallics in a single colour tone.

Table lamps with frosted bulbs can also make your decor stand out.

A shiny chair or cushion is another way of making your room look chic. Copper tables give your home a cosy atmosphere giving a bohemian style decor.

* Lighting: Proper lighting is extremely important in all parts of your home.

It makes your home feel comfortable, functional and inviting. If you are a voracious reader and love reading before bedtime, table lamps are completely your thing.

If you're an outdoor person or if you have children at home, garden torches are another set of lighting your abode needs.

Living room is without a doubt the most versatile space in a house.

Having a proper chandelier for a dazzling effect is something people should consider.

It also gives a touch of royalty.

* Rugs: These are the best option to fill left out spaces and walls.

Rugs add artistry to your homes and give an ancient touch. Rugs with beautiful designs make your floor look beautiful and elegant. A sizeable rug is a perfect solution to let go of the unattended spaces. Using rugs as a wall hanging in empty walls is another contemporary yet rural home decor idea.

Large printed rugs on empty walls work wonders as interiors. Also, using adjustable curtain rods on your walls to hang these rugs gives a vintage feel. Another important tip while using rugs on the floor is that the furniture should sit in perfectly on the rug to make the room look dressed enough.

* Blinds: A lot of people are going back to the traditional blinds.

This item of window covering largely adds an aura to the room.

It works perfectly for large windows more like French windows as it gives a feeling of privacy and cosiness.

Also, a lot of these now have a remote control making it easier and comfortable to operate.



Source: IANS