Leo DiCaprio’s released climate change film ‘Before the Flood’ at TIFF

New York [USA], Sept. 10 : Leonardo DiCaprio's soft corner for issues related to climate change is not unknown to anyone. The Oscar winning actor unveiled his climate change documentary, 'Before the Flood', at the Toronto International Film Festival recently, reports The New York Times.

According to the 41-year-old star, the film is intended to "give the scientific community a voice." Directed by Fisher Stevens, the movie chronicles the global travelogue of world in crisis, in the perspective of DiCaprio, who is also a United Nations Ambassador of Peace.

While voicing out to give people an idea about the reasons behind climate change, DiCaprio said, "[The issue] depends on the education of the public and the evolution of our species to combat what is the largest crisis we've ever faced," he continued, "We are truly at a turning point in history." 'Before the Flood' will air on October 31 on National Geographic.

Source: ANI