Let’s workout in between work!

New Delhi [India], Sept. 14 : '"What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare;" so missing daily exercises and looking after your health is inevitable.

So Ashishh Gupta, fitness expert and director at Gold's Gym in Gurgaon, has come up with some tips where one can work-out, while at work.

"You may never know, you might end up motivating people around you and many more may join you for same," he said.

To start with, take stairs instead of lift and try to stand as much as possible and start to move around as much as possible.

According to Ashishh apart from this, these sets of exercises for 15 minutes daily might work for you.

First, use your desk for workout, which you may term as desk push-up. This will strengthen your arms and shoulders. Stand up facing your desk, place your hands shoulder width apart, and slowly lower your torso toward the desk; then slowly push back up, and repeat several times.

Challenge yourself by adding to the number of reps you complete each day. Secondly, glutes are of real help. Believe it or not, some exercises can be kept under wraps, and this isometric glutes exercise is one of them.

To start toning, simply squeeze your buttocks hold for five to 10 seconds, and release. Repeat until the agenda wraps up or the glutes tire. The results will be uplifting in more ways than one. Thirdly, try leg curl. While seated, straighten one or both legs and hold in place for five or more seconds. Then lower the leg back to the ground without letting the feet touch the floor. Repeat (alternating legs if raising them separately) for 15 reps. Fourthly, go for tricep dips. Stand at the edge of the desk, facing backwards. Place your hands on the desk, shoulder width apart. Now push your legs a bit in front and with the help of your body weight, go up and down in 90 degrees Fifthly, do shrugs.

Stand against a wall with your back straight. Push your shoulders up and freeze for five seconds. You shall feel the shoulder trap muscle working. Repeat these eight to ten times in three sets and get into the groove..

Source: ANI