Luxuriate your bathroom with statement

New Delhi, July 12 : Bathrooms are already transforming from a purely functional area into a self pampering zone almost like a private spa or a personal wellness space.

The movement is towards sensory experiences and harmonic design concepts, which create a visual tranquility.

So make sure you are following the trend.

Chirag Parekh, Chairman (and) Managing Director, Sternhagen and Mr.Shantanu Jain, President- Sales (and) Marketing, Stonelam Surfaces Pvt.

Ltd. explains how to convert your bathroom into luxury bathroom statement.

* Tiles as highlighter: 3D tiles in bathroom can be used as a highlighter for a perfect solution to design a statement wall as they creates shadow and texture in geometric shapes, interacting with ambient lighting to provide a unique aesthetic appeal.

Available in various colour schemes, 3D tiles help to create a tasteful atmosphere that both stimulates and soothes the senses.

* Style your storage area: Give your bathroom even more cool look by replacing wood panels with versatile sleek surface to store towels, and other accessories.

Using new age surfaces as shelves helps to organize the products, giving it uncluttered look to complement the bathroom.

Wood and acrylic are giving way to newer zero maintenance products that you don't have to worry about cleaning or scratches in the long run.

* Technology driven bathroom: Technology in bathroom is a perfect match between functionality and aesthetics and today technology is playing an important part, allowing faucets and shower systems to offer many functions from being water efficient to automatically manage the precious natural resource responsibly.

With technologies aimed at saving water and energy, shower systems nowadays complete every luxury wellness experience with an innovative and sensual bouquet of chromo and aroma therapy that makes every shower a luxurious spa experience.

* Artistic wall: While renovating bathrooms we often ignore the walls because of fear of moisture but wall art can be done through a plethora of textured surface to give your walls a natural and artistic look and it evokes the fine beauty of natural stone with a contemporary design.

The versatile (and) textured surface helps to add a graceful depth to this space with its inherent pattern.

* Space is the key: Nothing is better than a ceiling in bathroom done with exquisitely chosen versatile product that enhances and gives life to the ceiling.

Such a ceiling can define one's own personality and tastes.

* Innovative shower: Today, showers are available with anti-bacterial and infrared germ killing technology that helps to create a spa like experience as bathing goes beyond cleansing the body because they want the spirit to relax, rejuvenate from an increasingly hectic lifestyle and go out feeling very fresh.



Source: IANS