‘Maan Ki Baat’ has become Modi Ki Baat: Mamata

Kolkata,[India] Nov. 27 : Taking strong exception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Mann ki Baat' programme, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday alleged that government machinery is being misused for personal vendetta and the radio address has now become 'Modi ki Baat' which does not find solutions to the sufferings of the nation.

"Maan Ki Baat has now become Modi Ki Baat. Misusing government machinery. Instead of finding solutions to the suffering (and) pain of millions of people he is doing personal vendetta personal publicity and business.

Modiji, you have finished India's economy and growth," Mamata tweeted. Escalating her attack on the Prime Minister's assertion of the need for a cashless economy, the Trinamool Congress chief further said, "We don't trust you or your mismatched wrong technology which you are advertising for.

We want technology and progress. But no section of society is to be left out and tortured while doing this. The women of our country will give you a befitting reply. They are the mother of India. They are the mother of all, Mr Today's PM." Prime Minister Modi made the biggest public push for a 'cashless economy' on his monthly 'Mann ki Baat' radio address.

He acknowledged that while a 'cashless' society is not immediately possible, he appealed to the people to work towards it by being part of a 'less-cash' society immediately.

"Learn how this digital economy works. Learn the different ways you can use your bank accounts and internet banking. Learn how to effectively use the apps of various banks on your phones. Learn how to run your business without cash," Prime Minister Modi said. He also appealed to the people to be patient in the face of inconvenience caused by the demonetisation.

Source: ANI