Maitreyi College students organise farewell online

New Delhi, May 12 : While education institutes are using the internet and other tech tools to complete academic calendars and conduct examinations, the Delhi University students have found an alternative use of it -- to organise farewells.

In a 'traditional' farewell, juniors decorate the hall, arrange music, dedicate songs or poems to seniors, and most important of all accord 'titles' to them.

The zoology honours students of Maitreyi College celebrated this annual community affair on Monday in probably the most innovative way -- Google Meet.

To keep the social distancing norms and yet not miss the fun of bidding seniors adieu, the students held placards saying 'happy farewell' to the final year students of the zoology graduate course in the 'video-meet'.

Not to lag behind, their teachers recited poems and sang songs for the students.

"It was a special feeling. Everyone has dreams for their farewell. But this was certainly a farewell that no one can ever imagine or forget," a final year student said describing it an 'unique farewell'.

According to students, the farewell was initially supposed to be an hour-long affair, but even without direct human contact it became so interesting that the 'video-meet' continued for over two hours.

"They gave us titles too.

The best part of it was that we got to guess who was getting what title. Some guessed got right too. It felt like a real farewell," the student added.

The final year students also responded to their juniors' love and effort by taking up the 'make-up challenge', famous on social media these days.

"It was randomly decided who will wear which Indian attire and then shoot a make-over video in that attire.

We clubbed all the videos into one, with final years students featuring in different Indian attires," the student said.

The history and chemistry departments of Maitreyi College also gave the farewell to seniors in similar fashion.

One students said it was the Principal's order to conduct farewell online only. Whatever maybe the order or time, one thing is sure ingenuity has no limitations. And the students of Maitreyi College proved that again.



Source: IANS