Manish Malhotra having wonderful time in Cannes

New Delhi, May 10 : Ace designer Manish Malhotra says that he is having a wonderful time at Festival de Cannes and he is taking inspiration from the streets, beaches and chic fashion.

"I'm having a wonderful time in Cannes.

There is just so much energy here at the time of the film festival; it transforms into a melting pot of cultures.

I am truly inspired taking in the streets alive with art; the beautiful beaches and ultra-chic fashion from across the globe.

It's the perfect setting for indulgence," Manish told IANS.

The designer has associated with premium ice cream brand Magnum for his debut appearance at the festival where he is setting socializing goals.

"Socializing is an art which has always given me immense joy and pleasure, so what better place to indulge in this favourite activity of mine, than with Magnum at Cannes - the very Mecca of Socializing! The glitz, glamour, liveliness, fashion, perfectly collaborates with me, it's safe to say that I am taking pleasure seriously," said the designer.



Source: IANS