Mark Zuckerberg expresses concern over Trump’s immigration orders

New York [United States], Jan. 28 : Criticizing U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration and refugees, Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his concern on this decision.

"Like many of you, I'm concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by President Trump," CNN quoted Zuckerberg, as saying in a Facebook post, which cited his family's immigrant background and his volunteer work with undocumented schoolchildren.

Zuckerberg in his post said that the U.S. should keep their doors open to refugees and those who need help. He said his wife Priscilla's wouldn't be here if the country had turned away refugees a few decades ago.

Trump has signed two executive actions, including one limiting the flow of refugees into the country by instituting "extreme vetting" of immigrants.

The executive order is titled "Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States".

Zuckerberg said the administration should keep the country safe by focusing on people who actually pose a threat.

"Expanding the focus of law enforcement beyond people who are real threats would make all Americans less safe by diverting resources, while millions of undocumented folks who don't pose a threat will live in fear of deportation," he wrote.

Zuckerberg's latest criticism comes just one day after Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg criticized Trump on abortion policy.

Source: ANI