Meet the Kashmiri chef offering inspiration amid Valley’s unemployment woes

Srinagar [India], Sept.10 : Gone are the days when a career in the food industry used to be looked upon with apprehension, as this chef from the Kashmir Valley is inspiring youngsters to take up the profession of cookery at a time when the region is suffering from massive unemployment.

According to Muhammad Yaseen Reshi, a cooking career has a plenty of opportunities especially because of the globalisation of the food industry.

"It has a lot of career opportunities and avenues to go forward. The scope of this field has widened so much that even on the judgement day, hotels will be open and people will come to eat food," quips Yaseen Reshi, adding that the profession allows him to provide employment to budding chefs of tomorrow.

As per a 2011 report, a US based development agency, Mercy Corps, found 48 percent of youth in Kashmir as unemployed.

Reshi, hailing from Srinagar, believes that passion and determination are essential to thrive in this field, which is currently seen as one of the hottest career options.

"I will request youngsters, who are interested to make a career out of this field, should stick to it and keep learning new things.

The scope of this profession has widened in view of new cuisines and food development. Cookery shows at national and international level have received a considerable amount of promotion over the last five-six years.

One can actually make a good living out of this profession," he said. "There were difficulties when I started this profession but I kept my focus intact. Acceptability was one of the main issues in J (and) K but I was determined about what I had to do by the grace of god and my parents," said Yaseen Reshi, who primarily focuses on local Kashmiri cuisines.

Leaving no stones unturned, Reshi is also taking up to television and radio shows to inspire and encourage youngsters about this burgeoning profession.

Source: ANI