Meet the star cast of Discovery’s High-Octane Original Drama ‘Harley and The Davidsons’

New Delhi [India], Oct 5 (ANI-NewsVoir): The story of Harley-Davidsons lives at the heart of motorcycle culture: the freedom, the joy and the self-reliance.

Discovery's new three-part miniseries Harley and The Davidsons explores the origins of iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson.

This is the story of a dream and what it took to get there, despite all odds. Discovery's highly-anticipated docu-drama Harley and The Davidsons will premiere in India on Friday, October 14 at 9 PM.

The three-part series will air on consecutive Fridays - 14th Oct, 21st Oct and 28th Oct at 9 PM. The channel invites its viewers to watch the series and participate in a contest via Harley and The Davidsons is the story of young men - best friends and brothers - coming of age and dealing with rivalries, expectations of parents, business competitors and life and death on the race track.

In Milwaukee at the turn of the 20th century, the Davidson brothers and their friend Bill Harley launch a motorcycle company that will eventually become an iconic brand and an enduring symbol of Americana.

Harley and The Davidsons reveals that great opportunities can be forged not only through ingenuity and innovative design, but also from brotherhood and friendship, guts and an ironclad will to survive.

The series is led by an all-star cast including Michiel Huisman ("Game of Thrones") as Walter Davidson, Robert Aramayo ("Game of Thrones") as William (Bill) Harley and Bug Hall ("The Little Rascals") playing the role of Arthur Davidson.

Other cast members include Stephen Rider ("Daredevil"), Jessica Camacho ("Sleepy Hollow"), Daniel Coonan ("EastEnders"), Annie Read ("Awkward"),Wilson Bethel ("Hart of Dixie"), Dougray Scott (in "Mission: Impossible 2"), Gabe Luna ("Matador"), Alex Shaffer ("Win Win") and newcomers Essa O'Shea and Sean Scully.

The story of a start-up in 1900' Walter, Arthur and Bill risked their entire fortune and livelihood to launch the budding enterprise.

Each of these men faced very different challenges, but it was the motorcycle that united their dreams and ambitions.

For Walter Davidson, the venture was a chance to escape from the confines of society - to ignore the rules and build a bike that could go anywhere and ride hard.

For Arthur Davidson, it was an opportunity to finally make good on his name. And for Bill Harley, the bike gave him hope to break free from his overbearing parents and apply his talent as an engineer.

Witness a story about brotherhood, friendship, guts and survival that paved the way for one of the greatest aspirational community of all times.

The All-Star Cast Walter Davidson played by Michiel Huisman Michiel Huisman was most recently seen on Game of Thrones, playing "Daario," leader of a band of mercenaries.

In Discovery'sHarley and the Davidsons, he portrays the character of Walter Davidson. Focused and intense, with a steely confidence, Walter was Harley-Davidson's President. The company was his life. Without formal business training, Walter had to grow into his role as president quickly. Born in Milwaukee in 1876 to blue-collar parents, Walter was the fourth of six talented kids. He became the practical force behind Arthur and Bill's fledgling company - the man who converted Harley's visions into cold hard steel and propelled their dreams of producing motorcycles into reality.

Arthur Davidson played by Bug Hall Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Bug Hall started his career as an actor in the role of Alfalfa in 1994's The Little Rascals.

Since then, Hall has had roles in numerous film and television productions, including Masters of Sex, Castle, and Revolution.

He can be seen next in the film The Long Run. The youngest of four brothers, Arthur was Harley-Davidson's sales manager. A natural communicator with a reputation as a practical joker, Arthur deployed his charm to win powerful allies and secure the loyalty of customers and dealers alike.

Born in Milwaukee in 1881, Arthur attended the same school as Bill Harley, where they became close friends - Arthur's gregariousness complimented Bill's quiet intelligence.

Before long, Arthur and Bill started tinkering with gasoline engines at home, hoping to one day attach one to a bicycle.

Bill Harley played by Robert Aramayo Robert Aramayo is an English actor best known for his recurring role as young Eddard Stark in the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

Quiet and driven, BILL was the company's visionary inventor and engineer, focused on creating a bike that could endure even the roughest terrain.

For him, the race track was the ultimate testing ground where he could put his invention through its paces.

Born in Milwaukee in 1880, Bill was the son of an English immigrant and railroad engineer of modest means.

He and his best friend, Arthur Davidson, became inseparable when they discovered their love for inventing, scheming and playing.

With Walter's help, they built their first motorcycle. (ANI-NewsVoir).

Source: ANI