Meghwal to opposition: Abandon adamant demonetisation stand

New Delhi [India], Nov. 24 : After the Congress Party refused to attend a meeting called by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to resolve the of demonetisation, Union Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal on Thursday said the opposition parties should abandon their their adamant stand over demonetisation so that a peaceful discussion can take place.

Meghwal told ANI, "The government wants to break the deadlock in parliament, so that they can continue a discussion like it happened on November 16 in the Rajya Sabha.

After some time they changed the topics of discussion. In the Rajya Sabha, they want the Prime Minister to come to parliament, while in the Lok Sabha, they want to debate on the demonetisation issue Rule 56." "We are ready for the debate and have taken an initiative for the same.

We want the opposition to leave their adamant attitude and work with a positive approach to give suggestions.

We are open to all their suggestions," he added. The minister further said, "Parliament is formed for discussion, whenever suggestions are given and the government tries to work on them.I don't understand why are they protesting? They should give suggestions on functional part.

If black money and corruption would end, then our country would grow." As the government attempts to find a truce with a united opposition, which has disrupted both the Houses of Parliament since the beginning of the Winter Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will today attend the Rajya Sabha and is likely to participate in the discussion on demonetisation.

Since the first day of the Winter Session, the opposition leaders are calling for the Prime Minister to speak on the issue in Rajya Sabha, where the government does not enjoy majority.

Even though most of them support the government's move on fight against black money, they are protesting against the abrupt manner in which the ruling dispensation implemented demonetisation as even after third week of the announcement, long queues can be seen outside ATMs and banks with the people looking to either exchange or deposit old notes.

Source: ANI