Millennial Indian parents trust AI for diagnoses, treatments: Study

New Delhi, July 6 : Over 80 per cent of millennial parents in India believe that artificial intelligence (AI)-based medical technologies will eradicate cancer, finds a survey.

The survey, led by global technical professional organisation IEEE, illuminates how millennial parents in India, with Generation Alpha children (eight years old or younger), think growing up with health- and medical-related AI technology will impact the lives of their children.

It showed that 83 per cent of Indian parents are likely to use an AI chatbot to diagnose their sick child in the future, while nearly 80 per cent agreed to robots powered by AI to conduct surgery on their Generation Alpha children.

Generation Alpha -- born from 2010-2025 -- is considered by many to be the most tech-infused demographic, and AI technologies are expected to infiltrate nearly every aspect of their lives.

The survey, titled "Generation Alpha Trend Watch: Babies Wearing AI Health Trackers", showed that nearly 90 per cent of parents were overwhelmingly confident that AI will make real-time, round-the-clock monitoring and data tracking of their health -- including AI-powered reminders for medicine, exercise and doctor's visits.

Over 80 per cent of parents areed of being comfortable exposing their kids to technologies such as facial recognition software and machine learning -- technologies that helping clinicians diagnose rare diseases by analysing patient photos and correlating detected irregularities with rare genetic diseases.

Morever, more than half of parents said they would trust doctors that base their recommendations on data coming from AI to make life or death decisions regarding their children.

Conversely, less than one out of 10 parents in India (5 per cent) disagreed with this, the survey showed.



Source: IANS