Millennials prefer exploring internatonal destinations more: Survey

New Delhi, Dec 19 : A whopping 80 percent of millennial travellers prefer exploring international destinations over domestic locations, says a survey conducted by global search engine Skyscanner.

The Millennial Travel Study touched the pulse of over 1,000 millennials from across the country, quizzing them on their preferred destinations, mode of travel, interests and much more.

According to the survey that was based on 953 responses from travellers ages 18-35 to Skyscanner's onsite survey, a whopping 80 percent of millennial travellers prefer exploring international destinations over domestic locations.

Also making the most of their time overseas, 50 percent of millennials plan to tick of multiple cities in one trip.

Thanks to visa schemes such as Schengen, city hopping is a breeze for travellers with a thirst for seeing the world, said a statement.

Skyscanner also noted European destinations are a firm favourite amongst travellers of all age groups, with the United States and New Zealand also making appearances.

Also it is noted that 62 percent of millennials are "typically travelling" 2 to 5 times a year while a lucky 10 percent stated that they globe-trot between 6 to 10 times per year.

Also, contrary to the common perception that millennials are laidback, it turns out the younger generation are in fact methodical organisers who prefer time in hand to plan an efficient holiday - nearly half of the respondents (45 percent) book their tickets three months prior to their journey date.

The Millennial Travel Survey also observed that 86 percent of millennial travellers prefer to pay more for convenience of flight schedule, irrespective of cost.

This is in stark contrast to non-millennial travellers, 75 percent of who choose to book a cheaper flight even if is at an anti-social hour or involves a stopover.

The survey proves that millennials are bucking the age-old trend and choosing convenience over cost.

However, 88 percent of all travellers are still in search of a 'good' deal and are willing to shift the date of their travel plans for a better price.

One trend still going strong is solo tripping, finding favour in about 30 percent of millennials compared to only 18 percent of non-millennials whose favourite travel companion is family.

Choosing independent holidays over ones with families, 40 percent of the millennial travellers get a chance to visit off the radar destinations, without the added consideration of others travelling with them.

Also, vacationing in places off the usual travel checklist rates high among the millennials with 40 percent opting for less frequented destinations.

Exploring exotic and unusual locations is a key factor for millennials while planning their vacay.



Source: IANS