Minister orders clarification on ‘recorded music ban’ in Delhi restobars

New Delhi, May 22 : Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday ordered the Excise Commissioner to issue a clarification on the 'ban' on playing recorded music in restobars in the city.

A May 16 circular of the Excise Department states: "It is reiterated that the l-17 licensee (restaurants which serve liquor) is permitted only to have live singing/playing of instruments by professionals within his licensed premises.

Violation of these rules shall lead to strict action as per law."

Following flak from different quarters, Excise Commissioner Amjad Tak on Monday said that the department has "not banned" playing of recorded music in restobars.

Tak said that though the circular said "only live singing/playing of instruments by professionals", nowhere did it mention that the recorded music was banned.

On Tuesday, referring to the May 16 circular, Sisodia said in his order: "The file was not shown to me before issuing the order.

However, I have found that the order was not for imposing any ban of such nature... considering the confusion created by misinterpretation of the order, the Excise Department needs to issue a clarification order with respect to the above."

Sisodia asked the Commissioner to submit a "compliance report" by Wednesday.



Source: IANS