Monsoon beauty hacks for hassle free season

New Delhi, July 4 : Monsoon is just around the corner. And as much joy as the rain brings, humidity always plays a spoilsport. Excessive humidity can throw things off balance, be it for your skin or your hair, so make sure you are taking care of some hacks that could save you from trouble.

Shubhika Jain, Founder of RAS Luxury Oils, lists down some steps to follow in monsoon.

* Avoid excessive hair products: It's advised to avoid heavy products which can weigh your hair down.

And while it's best to not use any styling products, a light-weight but nourishing Argan Oil will work wonders.

Experimenting with hairstyle that goes with your natural hair texture is a great way to avoid products.

A simple braid or a bun is your best friend this monsoon season.

* Smudge-proof: It's always a disaster to find makeup melting down your face when it's super hot.

But that is the case if it comes in contact with water. The best way to avoid this is to use light foundation and opt for a BB cream or a CC cream instead of heavy foundations that will give you just enough coverage for the day.

Create a smear-proof base using Facial Oils with super absorbent oils and organic essential oils.

* Keep it simple on your eyes: Instead of sporting your best smoky eye look, opt for a natural Kohl pencil or water-proof eyeliner look.

Waterproof mascara is the ultimate must-have in monsoon. Go as heavy or as light as you want with the mascara. Fuller lashes never harmed anyone! To make lashes fuller for the wedding season ahead, multipurpose face oils or pure plant oil go a long way in making your lashes thicker and longer.

* The bright side: Keep colours high in contrast with your skin tone.

It's a good distraction to have from the dull skin that tends to be the unnecessary highlight in the monsoon season.

Using a bright lipstick or wearing aqua colours or greens can do the trick for you this season!

* Moisturize and nourish: It's undeniably essential to moisturize during monsoon.

Apply a nourishing face oil for glowing skin and hair mask with Argan oil to avoid frizzy hair. Natural masks are even better since they're gentle on your skin. Make a mask at home using honey, argan oil, rosemary essential oil, yogurt and milk and have the pamper session once a week which will give your hair a lustrous look.

Monsoon beauty hacks by Megha Asher, Founder Of Juicy Chemistry.

*Sun is still out there: Who wants to put on layers of products on their face in this humidity? Argan, Rose and Camellia Serum with Natural SPF should be used that would not only protect you from the sun but also give your skin the right amount of moisturization

* Your feet need care too: The rain water can give way to various skin irritations and infections.

So, foot care, at least in this season, is a must. Whenever your feet are drenched in rain water, make sure to clean them nicely once you are back home. But cleaning with regular tap water is not enough, make sure you soak your feet in hot water with relaxing foot salts and then scrub away all the dirt accumulated followed by a good foot cream.

* Mist: Toners and facial mists are your best friends for this utterly humid season. Toners become all the more essential for this season as they help shrink the pores and clean them gently.

Using a toner day and night can drastically change your skincare game.

* Mask to last: Monsoon means clogged pores and sticky face no matter what skin type you are. But don't worry; face masks have your back. They not only remove impurities and tan, but also help tighten pores and nourish the skin. And yes, there's a face mask for every skin type. Make sure to check out the luxurious range of face masks carefully formulated for your skin type.



Source: IANS