MP students sans licences won’t be allowed to drive to schools, colleges

Bhopal, Jan 28 : Students who don't have driving licences or don't wear helmets will henceforth be barred from driving two-wheelers and/or other vehicles to their educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh, the government has said.

Directorate of Public Instructions' Commissioner Neeraj Dubey has directed officials in all districts to ensure that students in the age group of 16-18, who do not wear helmets and/or don't possess valid driving licences, are not allowed to enter their educational institutions.

As per the Transport Department rules, those in the 16-18 age group can drive 60cc scooties without licences.

Dubey also directed the officials to ensure that students were made aware of traffic rules and regulations in the morning assemblies in their respective institutions.



Source: IANS