Mumbai records zero Covid deaths, for first time in 20 months

Mumbai, Oct 17 : Notching an achievement, Mumbai on Sunday reported zero Covid-19 deaths, for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the city around 20 months ago in March 2020.

The city also recorded 367 new cases, while 518 fully recovered patients went home on Sunday.

Presently, 5,030 active cases still remain in the city as the health authorities heave a sigh of relief.

Covid-19 scarred the country's commercial capital considerably with 751,293 total infections till date and 16,180 deaths, the highest in the country.

Presently, the city's doubling rate has increased to 1,214 days, with a recovery rate as high as 97 percent now.

With no containment zones in the city's chawls or slums, only 50 buildings remain under seal now, a huge improvement over the tense days in the first and second waves of Covid when these figures ran into thousands.



Source: IANS