Muslim family’s wedding invites have Hindu Gods

Ayodhya, Nov 22 : The spirit of Lord Ram is gradually engulfing the whole of Ayodhya, blurring the lines of religion.

A Muslim family, in a rare gesture, has printed a calendar of Lord Hanuman (for 2020) on the initiation card for their son's wedding.

The card also has photographs of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Narad Muni printed on it.

The invitation card is unusually outsized and has the calendar on one side and the invitation on the other side.

Mohd Mubin's son Mohd Nasir and daughter Amina Bano are getting married.

Nasir's wedding is on Friday and Amina will get married on Sunday.

Mohd Mobin, a resident of Charera village, says that he has faith in Allah as well as Hindu gods.

Employed as a ward boy in the state homeopathy hospital in Rasoolabad, Mohd Mobin said that there was no pressure on him and he decided the wedding card design with the consent of his family.

"I sent out the invitation cards to all my relatives and friends and most of them were surprised but no one raised any objection.

This is probably the first time that a Muslim wedding card has photographs of Hindu gods. Even the families that my children are marrying into, did not object," he said.

Mohd Mobin has sent out almost 700 invitations and his Hindu friends are appreciating his gesture.

"Hindus and Muslims have always lived here in perfect harmony but this gesture has strengthened the bond between the two communities," said Rajveer, a local youth.



Source: IANS