Mussoorie – Travel in India


1971 mts above sea level, the Queen of Hills in the north India, Mussoorie, is very popular as a hill station. Major Heresay founded Mussoorie in 1811. The first guest house here was built by Captain Young in 1826. After that within the next 10 years, almost 100 guest houses sprang up.Today, Mussoorie is equipped with all the facilities available in cities. It is close to Delhi. It takes just an overnight journey to get here from Delhi. Mussoorie is full of greenery, bazaars, and beautiful gardens.


Tourist sites:


Gun Hill: This is the highest point in Mussoorie. Here you will find a cannon from which you get the name of Gunhill. One can arrive here after a 1km walk or by using the ropeway.


Lal Tibba: This is a very high peak and is part of old Mussoorie. Through a big binocular placed here one can view the various peaks of the Himalayas.


Campti Fall: John Mckenon founded this place in 1835. At a height of 40 feet is the waterfalls. Mussoorie is 13 kms from Campti Fall. A lot of people bathe in this fall. To bathe here, one has to climb up to Talhati. Buses and taxis are available from Mussoorie. The up and down fare is charged in advance.


Lake Mist: 7 kms from Mussoorie, this lake is en-route to Campti Falls. Entry to this place is charged. One can stay overnight too. There is a beautiful hotel built with logs where one can eat. A swimming pool and boating facilities are available. Accommodation is available in the form of holiday huts. If one wants to get away from the crowds in Mussoorie in summer, one can stay here provided prior reservations are made. The beauty of this place is incomparable.