My comments were misconstrued: Sonu Nigam

Mumbai [India], Apr. 19 : After receiving backlash following his posts about 'forced religiousness', Sonu Nigam has clarified his stance and said his tweets were 'misconstrued'.

While addressing a press conference on Wednesday, the singer also said he never thought that such a small thing would turn into a big controversy.

"I have always considered Mohd. Rafi as my father; my Guru is a Muslim; my trainers, close friends are also Muslims.. even then if people taint me as anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic, then it's not my problem but an issue with nation's ideology," Sonu said.

"Everyone has a right to their opinion and it should not be misconstrued. So, be it a temple, church, gurudwara or masjid, loudspeakers are not a necessity there." "I'm neither right wing nor left wing; I am in the centre.

I have expressed my views on a social topic, not a religious one," he added. Responding to the reports of a fatwa issued against him, Sonu later got his head shaved. For the unversed, the 43-year-old, who was woken up to the sound of Azaan early in the morning, took social media by storm after terming the practice as "forced religiousness," on April 17.

His controversial tweets evoked a mixed response on the Internet and among every genre of people in the nation.

Source: ANI