NASA tweet on Vikram Lander finds trends on Twitter

New Delhi, Dec 3 : #VikramLander and Chandrayaan2 trended on Twitter on Tuesday after a NASA tweet that its mission had located the Indian Chandrayaan2 lander Vikram.

A post on @NASA that "The #Chandrayaan2 Vikram lander has been found by our @NASAMoon mission, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter" garnered 4.3K retweets and 11.4K likes.

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh retweeted and wrote on @DrJitendraSingh: "NASA says it has found the impact site and debris of Chandrayaan2".

One user tagged @NASA and @NASAMoon and posted: "Great @NASA and excellent endeavour by @isro.

Proud of your achievements and quite sure, next time it will be a spectacular one. All the best."

One user tagged NASA tweeted and posted: "Don't worry Chanda Mama, we are coming again to meet you, see you soon #Chandrayaan3.

Thank you @NASA".

Another user praised India-origin techie who helped locate the lander.

"Shanmuga Subramanian, a techie from Chennai, has made India's greatest #SpaceDiscovery of #VikramLander.

He uses lunar images from @NASA's Moon #LRO Mission, studied them (and) locate the debris of #VikramLander.

After authenticating the discovery #NASA confirmed (and) released..."

Another user urged NASA to "give credit to Indian engineer Shan@Ramanean who alerted you for confirmation".



Source: IANS