Natalia Dyer: Religion is beautiful, but important to take a step back from it at times

Mumbai, June 1 : Actress Natalia Dyer, who is currently seen in the film "Yes, God, Yes", feels religion is a beautiful thing but it is also important to take a step back from it at times.

"While I believe religion is beautiful, I think it's also important to sometimes take a step back from it to ponder and question what you've learnt and what you think you know.

Because without keeping that curiosity and the questioning alive, you invariably kind of lose yourself -- who you really are."

"So I think it's just about keeping an open mind and letting people make mistakes and giving people the space to explore and to learn from mistakes and to have conversations," she added.

"Yes, God, Yes" is about around a teenager's journey through learning the Catholic views on premarital sex and sexual curiosities, heightened by pop culture influences.



Source: IANS