Neighbour can prevent Pak from promoting cross border terrorism

New Delhi [India], Dec. 20 : A head of Centre for Strategic Studies, United Service Institution of India said on Tuesday that neighbouring countries can prevent Pakistan from promoting cross border terrorism.

"It depends upon the neighbouring countries and international communities to prevail upon Pakistan to stop duplicity in dealing with Afghanistan and stop propagating cross border terrorism," BK Sharma told ANI.

"When we talk about neighbourhood the foremost country is Pakistan. All the leaders very clearly brought out that unless Pakistan dismantles the terrorist infrastructure and prevents the use of the infrastructure, the peace is not going to come," he added.

He further said that the more powerful India will become, the more vulnerable it will be. "The rising profile of India is in eye sore for Pakistan and many other countries so the more active we become, more popular we become, the more vulnerable we will be and we would be targeted by ISI-sponsored terrorist group therefore we have to revamp our own security and I am sure government is taking appropriate measure to address the challenges," he added.

Source: ANI