Nepal Election Commission registers 87 parties for upcoming two tier elections

Kathmandu [Nepal], September 9 : The Election Commission of Nepal said in a statement that they have registered 87 parties for the upcoming two tier elections.

Though a total of 95 political parties lodged an application for the election emblem, only 87 acquired the symbols to compete in the election for House of Representative and State Assemblies.

The long time agitating parties which after unifying into Rastriya Janata Party- Nepal (RJP-N), have also been successful to compete the requirements, by registering application on time.

"For the electoral purpose 95 political parties registered applications in the commission. After going through the documents filed in the commission the competent parties complying with Article 271 of the constitution and Act Related to the Political Parties 2073 BS article 49 election emblem is granted on the basis of priority," the statement from the Election Commission stated.

The Election Commission of Nepal, which is preparing for the two tier election in November and December, has also opened the option for the political parties to make alliance and have a single emblem to contest election.

Nepal is now heading towards the implementation of the constitution promulgated in September 2015 with new form of governance.

Source: ANI