Never ever cover your baby’s pram|[Work

London, July 24 : Covering a baby's pram with a blanket or a muslin cloth in summers should be strictly avoided as it can even lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Svante Norgren, a pediatrician at the Astrid Lindgren children's hospital in Stockholm, has come up with a finding that states covering a pram even with thin cover reduces air circulation and creates intense heat, reports Daily Mail.

The study also found that a covered pram, which was left in the sun, became 15 degrees hotter than a pram left uncovered.

'It gets extremely hot down in the pram, something like a thermos," he said. Explaining the child's response to the hot environment, he said they may think they are back in the womb and 'breathing may stop'.

Post to this, the parents were recommended to leave their sleeping baby's face uncovered to protect them from overheating.