New Covid strain in UK: Gehlot urges govt to ban flights

Jaipur, Dec 21 : Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday expressed concern on the new strain of novel coronavirus emerging in the UK and urged the Central government to ban all flights from Britain and other European countries immediately.

He also criticised the Central government for being late in banning international flights when the coronavirus had started spreading in the initial phase.

In a tweet, Gehlot said: "The new strain of novel coronavirus emerging in the UK is a matter of great concern.

The government must take prompt action, prepare a contingency plan to contain the same and also immediately ban all flights from the UK and other European countries."

"When coronavirus had started spreading, we were late in banning international flights, which had led to a drastic spike in cases," he added.

"India needs both a preparedness plan as well as steps to restrict any movement from affected country or countries.

Our medical experts must be ready with a treatment plan in case of any outbreak of the new strain of virus.

Health protocols must be adhered to even more strictly," he said further.



Source: IANS