New ‘Phystrology Therapy’ introduced in India for chronic ailments

New Delhi [India], Apr 16 : Chronic disease accounts for 60 percent of deaths in India. According to a recent report by Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), chronic diseases are the leading cause of deaths in country as they are annually killing more than five million people every year.

These diseases include various ailments in the form of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, mental health illness, cancers, and chronic lung diseases.

The new 'Phystrology Therapy' provides promising solution to all these conditions through Vedic Medical Science Remedies.

'Phystrology' is a proven science based upon the fact that Human Physiology is subject to cosmic influences, which means, there is a close relation between movement of planets and their effects on Brain Physiology.

This therapy is commonly used in other countries and institution such as Holland and IWOA in the US. According to Phystrology, the brain is consisted of nine divisions and they have same functionality as of Planets in astrology.

The thalamus is the main and central place in the brain. It acts like the Sun and determines the integral characteristics of all expressions. Hypothalamus beneath the Thalamus acts like Moon. It is associated with emotion and physiological responses to emotions. Amygdala is Mars that control the movement, Subthalamus is Mercury, Globus Pallidus is Jupiter, Substancia Nigra is Venus, Putamen is Saturn, Nucleus Caudatus Head is Ascending Lunar Node, it controls the eye movement and Nucleus Caudatus Tail Descending Lunar Node controls the function of Central Nervous System.

Vinayak Bhatt, Phystrologist, Vedic Grace Foundation, healed thousands of people across the globe, informs brain controls the whole human body through these nine divisions.

When the coordination of these neurons with organ gets disturbed, it results into occurrence of disease.

Cancer, Depression, Hypertension, Cardiac Attack, Kidney Disease, Insomnia, Depression, Alzheimer, Schizophrenia, all these ailments occur due to obstruction in coordination of these neuron with organ.

The great researcher Professor Tony Nader, neurophysiologist, had proved that human physiology is the exact embodiment of Total Natural Law- the Sun, Moon, planets and stars have twins (equivalents) of human physiology Bhatt informs, there is no doubt that the medicinal therapy gives an instant relief to the patients suffering from the chronic condition however Phystrology acts to root out the problem.

Hence, we first study the cause of problem, and then smoothen the transmission and coordination of these neurons with the organ through vibration therapy.

It is a proven method of treatment for all deadly condition. We use 'Yagya' Remedy a scientific experiment in which special herbal/plant medicinal preparations are offered in the fire of medicinal woods.

The specific shape and size of the Fire-Pit and the time-frequency and amount of havan samagri account for controlled chemical processing and lead to sublimation, chemical conversion and/or transformation into vapor phase of the herbal/plant medicinal preparation and release of medicinal phytochemical.

There is less awareness about this method of treatment in India, thus Vedic Grace Foundation aims to make generation aware about the vaidik medical science to avoid the causes of death and diseases, to achieve long life, to achieve holistic thoughts and behavior, to achieve happy and healthy life.

Source: ANI