Nimrat Kaur reminds 2020 is the year we lost Irrfan Khan

Mumbai, Dec 31 : Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur, on the last day of 2020, has reminded fans that this was the year we lost Irrfan Khan.

Nimrat shared several photographs of different places in Mumbai on her verified Instagram account on Thursday.

Among those is a photograph of a mural of the late Irrfan, her co-actor in the internationally acclaimed film The Lunchbox.

Irrfan Khan breathed his last on April 29, and in his memory, a mural was created on a wall of an old house in Bandra's Waroda Road neighbourhood by artists Vikas Bansal and Ranjit Dahiya.

Interestingly, the artwork stands close to the house where Saajan Fernandes, Irrfan's character in The Lunchbox is shown to be living in the film.

"The year we haven't stop talking about 'the year'...will remain a blurry mix of statistics, strange vocabulary, protocols, images and realisations.

From shower curtains turning into hug-aiding equipment, to face recognition challenging the smartest of people and phones, a time with the most bizarre realities unifying and levelling us like nothing ever has.

This revolution of the earth stirred our souls and churned our most primal instinct right to the top - survival," Nimrat shared on Instagram.

"Here's to a new dawn where the only win is the resilience of the human spirit.

Farewell 2020, the biggest ever star of currently socially distant lives and social media, your tough love's here to stay! #OldNormalDreams #NewNormalSwag #BittersweetSymphony," she further wrote.

This mural was earlier shared by the actress on Instagram just a few days after Irrfan's demise during lockdown.



Source: IANS