Now, audiobooks by Ruskin Bond

New Delhi, Nov 14 : In a first, celebrated author Ruskin Bond records his own work in his own voice for a series of audiobooks based on his original short stories.

The set of audiobooks will release early 2020.

In a Thursday statement, Penguin Random House India announced that they will be available across all leading audiobook platforms.

It added that Bond is recording eight chapter books, based on different themes -- adventure, thriller, animals, nature, travel and many more.

"Chapter books are an exciting format where previously published short stories are broken into shorter chapters to make reading easy for young readers.

Beautifully illustrated, these eight chapter books will find a new lease of life by being accessible to a wider audience in the audiobook version and help build a deeper connect between the author and the readers and listeners," the publisher said.

"I can realise my ambition of reading aloud my own stories, and that too, to an audience of thousands of young and old readers-now listeners-lovers of good story-telling.

Here are some of my favourite stories - Cherry Tree, Getting Granny's Glasses, The Eyes of the Eagle, White Mice, Earthquake, and several others-first published as short chapter books by Puffin, and now presented to you in audio form.

Not every author has the chance to read aloud his own stories to an appropriate audience," Bond said, adding that he had fun doing the recordings.



Source: IANS