Nutritious cockroach milk soon to be a super-snack

Washington D.C., July 31 : If you are bored with your regular snack, then here's a new snack found- cockroach milk.

Scientists have just found that milk from a certain cockroach is much more nutritious for humans than a cow's milk, reports Interesting Engineering blog.

An international team of researchers has been working on the study to analyse the fluid found in the mid-gut of cockroaches, which is technically cockroach milk.

This protein string is produced to feed their young, and if researchers can find a way to extract a lot of it, they may be able to turn it into a superfood.

Part of why the researchers think this protein may be so promising, according to Futurism, is the presence of everything needed for a meal - fats, sugars, proteins.

In actuality, the team likely isn't thinking of producing cockroach milking farms, but isolating and synthesizing the specific protein compound may be able to help solve future food shortages and other problems.

Source: ANI