Only 3% corporate workers concerned about health: Assocham

New Delhi, Feb 5 : Despite the increase in lifestyle diseases, only three per cent workers in the corporate sector are worried about their health, a survey by Assocham released on Monday said.

People are not concerned about their health as "the majority of it (them) is hardly able to spare resources beyond meeting their daily needs and (due to) the absence of any affordable health services provided by corporates to the majority of its employees," the survey said.

"It further reveals that 48 per cent of such a staff is 'sometimes fearful' about their future health and 37 per cent are 'not at all fearful' and remaining 12 per cent are totally ignorant for their future health conditions," D.S.

Rawat, Secretary General, Assocham said.

Quoting findings of the survey, Rawat said, "In terms of physical fitness, 37 per cent of corporate employees surveyed..said that they hardly have any time to exercise," adding that, "it is only five per cent of corporate employees who regularly exercise for more than six hours a week to keep physically fit and mentally agile."

For the survey, over 500 corporate employees were interviewed between the age ranging between age group ranging 25 to 50 years, Assocham said in a statement.

"Four per cent of respondents experience workplace fatigue but they still believe themselves to be in 'good health', while 10 per cent of total corporate employees consider their health condition to be poor without perceiving to have 'no diseases at all'," it added.

"Nine per cent and five per cent of the sample population suffer the problem of sleeping disorder".



Source: IANS