Only 390 of 54K Covid recovered patients donate plasma in Gurugram

Gurugram, Dec 22 : Four months after the city's health department launched its first dedicated plasma bank for Covid-19 patients, it is finding it difficult to find donors for it.

According to the health department, out of 54,304 recovered Covid-19 patients, only 597 have come forward for plasma donation so far.

Of these, 390 recovered patients were found to be fit for plasma donation.

Gurugram Chief Medical Officer Virender Yadav said: "Around 760 units of plasma at the Rotary blood bank have been received from 390 patients, after which 397 units of plasma have been given by the blood bank for treatment of other corona-infected patients."

He said there was a need to reach out to the masses through social media and other media platforms to create awareness about plasma donation.

Meanwhile, health officials said they are trying to motivate people to donate plasma.

Meanwhile, the recovery rate of coronavirus infected patients in Gurugram is steadily improving and now it has increased to 96 per cent as compared to 88.23 per cent in November.

Yadav said that the fatality rate from corona in Gurugram has come down to 0.60 per cent.

"Plasma donation is a personal decision, we cannot force anyone but can appeal to people to come forward for donation.

Plasma donation is safe and can save someone's life," Yadav said.

Apart from this, only 92 fresh coronavirus cases were reported in Gurugram on Tuesday.

One death was also reported from the city taking the Covid-toll to 341, the health official said.

The Covid-19 tally in Gurugram has now risen to 55,985 according to the official daily health release.



Source: IANS