Opposition must apologise to the nation for stalling parliament

New Delhi [India], Dec. 9: Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar on Friday criticised the opposition for disrupting proceedings in parliament, and demanded an apology from the latter.

"The ruling party is ready for a debate since Day 1. From November, we have been urging, requesting and persuading the opposition parties that please participate in the debate and express your opinions and views, but they have been running away from the debate.

But now, suddenly, they have got up and said that they want to participate in a debate. For the past 15 days, the Congress party, Communist party, Trinamool Congress and other political parties have been delaying and wasting the precious 15 days of the winter session," Kumar told media here.

He further said that the Congress party has interrupted debates initiated by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) member, Jitendra Reddy.

"This could be a priority for the Congress to break the rules of parliament. Yesterday also, they interrupted proceedings in parliament in the name of Black Day. Keeping in mind the comments of the Members of Parliament who have objected, the Congress Party, Communist Party and Trinamool Congress should apologise to the nation," he added.

Kumar said demonetisation was announced on November 8 by Prime Minister Narendra Mod and therefore, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi should have been prepared since November16.

As of now, parliament stands adjourned till December 14..

Source: ANI