Pak opposes creation of new permanent seats at UNSC

Islamabad [Pakistan], Nov. 8 : Pakistan has opposed the creation of new permanent seats at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), a reform India has continually advocated for.

Pakistan's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, on Monday while addressing the General Assembly session on Security Council Reforms said Islamabad firmly opposes the creation of new permanent seats while terming it as "the antithesis of principles enshrined in the UN Charter", reports the Dawn.

She, however, said: "Pakistan supports expansion of non-permanent seats in the Security Council to make it more democratic, accountable, transparent and effective." The Pakistani envoy went on to say that the current long deadlock in the Security Council reform process was due to a handful of states seeking to "promote a self arrogated right to an unequal status".

"Adding more permanent seats to Security Council will only serve to satisfy the hunger for power and privilege of a few and not address issue of representation," she said.

Meanwhile, India has raised the issue of UNSC reforms on several international forums. In the latest development, India and Russia had on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit last month called for comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council to make it more effective and representative of the contemporary geo-political realities.

The G4 - Germany, Brazil, India and Japan - have long pitched for a permanent seat at the UNSC and provided mutual support for each other's bid.

They have been seconded by the United Kingdom, France and Russia. "I look forward to a United Nations Security Council that includes India as a permanent member," said US President Barack Obama earlier in November 2012.

Source: ANI