Pawan Kalyan takes metro to participate in ‘Vakeel Saab’ shoot

Hyderabad, Nov 5 : Popular Telugu actor and politician Pawan Kalyan travelled in the Hyderabad Metro on Thursday.

Accompanied by producer Dil Raju, the Jana Sena leader boarded the train at Madhapur Metro Station for Miyapur to participate in the shooting of his upcoming movie 'Vakeel Saab'.

According to Jana Sena leaders, Pawan Kalyan followed the process of metro station checking and entry system as per COVID-19 regulations.

The actor changed trains at Ameerpet Interchange Station to board the train for Miyapur.

While travelling to Miyapur, he interacted with a few passengers.

He spoke to a couple of passengers who hailed from Andhra Pradesh and were sitting next to him.

According to Jana Sena leaders, Pawan enquired about the crops and present situation from a farmer China Satyanarayana, hailing from Draksharamam in Andhra Pradesh.

The farmer told him that the recent heavy rains badly damaged the crops.

"There are so many of your fans in my family and my area.

It's a pleasant surprise to meet you," Satyanarayana told the actor. The farmer also said that this was the first time he was travelling in the Metro. "Metro travel is the first time not only for you but also for me," Pawan Kalyan replied with a smile.



Source: IANS