Paytm’s iOS app is back on the app store

New Delhi [India], Dec 23 : Since Nov 8th, merchants and consumers alike have adopted Paytm as a convenient payment method across the country.

The company has witnessed a surge in payment transactions across India. The ongoing wave of digital payments has resulted in over 20 million new customers being added in the last one and a half months for the company taking the overall registered wallets on Paytm to 170 million.

The overall traffic and transactions have grown multifold for the company during this period. To keep up with the demand, Paytm has been scaling up in every department from manpower recruitment, training, customer care and technology.

Hundreds of thousands of merchants in more than 300 districts have been signed up and the company aims to reach 300 more districts by the end of January 2017.

The company spokesperson said, "We are working towards ensuring the best experience for our users. Over the last few months we have seen encouraging adoption across India and are striving to offer them newer features.

We were quick to identify the issue and fix the same within 24 hours. There are no further outages or transaction issues being experienced by our users." Apart from scaling, the company has also launched a slew of new features and security measures for the app.

The company identified a small technical bug, which was leading to slight disruption in its services for apple iOS users.

The technical bug was immediately identified and fixed. The company clarified that their iOS app has already been updated on the app store and users have started updating and services are back to normal.

Paytm is also scaling its customer service operations to meet with increasing requests and queries of customers and has assured that consumers money is safe and secure despite the slight disruption in services for a limited set of users.

Paytm is also working on creating awareness about its services to educate its users on how to use their wallet.

Source: ANI