Pence demands apology from Associated Press for publishing his wife’s private email account

New Delhi [India], Mar. 5: Vice President Mike Pence has demanded that the Associated Press to apologize to his wife Karen after the news agency published her private email account.

Pence demanded an apology for revealing his wife's email address in a story on the Vice President's use of his personal email account to conduct state business while he was Indiana governor.

Pence complained that releasing the address of his wife, Karen Pence, was "violating her privacy and our security." He added in a tweet, "When we requested they take it down, they refused.

The @AP owes my wife an apology." Pence also shared a letter from his lawyer Mark Paoletta to AP's CEO Gary Pruitt saying that Karen Pence has since been the target of "vitriolic and malicious" emails which has "raised serious security concerns." Both Pence and his wife's emails were published on Friday in a story about the vice president's bid to block access to emails he had written as governor.

The article said that both email addresses were used to conduct official business back to 2013. The AP published her email in an article called 'Pence fought against releasing records as Indiana governor,' "Last night the AP published my wife's private email address, violating her privacy and our security," Pence tweeted on Saturday.

He added, with a screenshot of the letter his counsel Mark Paoletta sent to the AP: "When we requested they take it down, they refused.

The AP owes my wife an apology." The original story, which was published on Friday evening, still includes the email address.

In the letter, Pence's counsel Paoletta states: 'Your organization [AP] was unwilling to retract the story, issue a correction, or even redact the email from the story.'.

Source: ANI