Plants that’ll keep your home cool this summer!

New Delhi [India], April 03 : With the temperature shooting up to an infinite degree at early April, looks like a very hot season is waiting for us.

One of the most important reasons for such dreaded consequence is less trees and more wagons. It's high time for us to get back to the roots and opt for organic things, conventional means of getting jobs done and planting more trees for a better greener society.

We can also keep our homes, offices and schools cooler with plants that require less water. Harpreet Ahluwalia, founder and principal designer at Earthly Creations throws light on how we can convert our homes, offices and schools into eco friendly cool places just by bringing in some air purifying plants.

- Aloe Vera: Having an aloe vera plant will not only come in use for nasty sunburns, but it is also effective at cooling air temperature as well as removing pollutants and harmful virus from the air.

This plant is well known for its great medicinal benefits. It keeps low air temperature, and helps in protecting our house from overheating. Aloe vera plant also helps in clearing formaldehyde and benzene from polluted air, which can be a byproduct of chemical cleaners used for household clean ups.

- Snake Plant: The snake plant, when perfectly placed in your bedroom, is great, as this plant does not take oxygen away, especially at night that is bedtime, like most plants do causing problem in breathing.

On the other side, it emits oxygen, keeping your bedroom fresh and cooled down, and letting you enjoy a deep, energy-restoring sleep after a tiring day.

- Areca Palm Tree: One of the most popular living room plants often considered to be a decorative house plant that also acts as a natural air humidifier.

In addition to cooling off your home, the areca palm helps in removing benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air.

-Ficus Tree: Commonly known as a weeping fig, helps in keeping the air temperature cool as well as reduces air pollution and improves air quality.

- Fern: This plant helps to not only cool and humidify the air, but alike aloe vera, it is essential for cleaning formaldehyde out of the air.

It is one of the most effective air-purifying plants among all. - Golden Pothos: The golden pothos is a great plant as it requires little light and care, and it will keep your air cool and purified.

Source: ANI