PM Modi warns corrupt against using ‘poor people’ for depositing black money

New Delhi [India], Nov. 27 : Asserting that the corrupt are still adamant on their old ways and are looking for ways to convert their black money into white by using the poor people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned such people against doing so.

Prime Minister while speaking at the 26th edition of his 'Mann ki Baat' radio address said, "I understand your problems but for a disease which has infected our country for 70 years, treatment can't be simple.

I can understand your difficulties. There are certain people who are trying to mislead, but still you have accepted this move. Please don't use names of poor to deposit your black money." The Prime Minister said that efforts are being made to mislead the people against demonetisation move but the nation is making sacrifices for a better India.

"I had told even then this demonetisation decision is huge and it will take minimum 50 days to overcome from it," he added.

The Prime Minister also urged the nation to move towards a cashless society, and said he took the decision to scrap Rs.

500 and 1,000 currency notes for the sake of the country's poor, farmers, labourers and deprived. "I know cashless economy is different. Why not move towards a cashless society? Need your physical support in this. I took this decision for the country's poor, farmer, labour, deprived and for those who are suffering.

I reiterate that I need your support; I am positive that you will help me in this; take a pledge that you will be a part of this cashless economy," he said.

Source: ANI