PoK: Protests against education system aimed at making children ‘Pakistani’

Kotli [Pakistan Occupied Kashmir], May 9 : Anti-Pakistan protests erupted recently in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) as protestors expressed their rage towards the present schooling system in the occupied parts, which does not teaches the real history of the region.

In a video clip, a woman activist in her speech said, "The children of PoK would not know anything about the history and geography of the region as they are studying in Pakistan schools.

"The children from PoK and this generation, with its enslaved mindset, cannot know anything about the real history.

In this country, a strategy has been adopted to make a 4-year-old child 'Pakistani'," she added. She claimed that the Pakistani government has planted their agents in PoK who only serve the interests of Islamabad as their own children are receiving education in the United States on government money, while the local children do not even have the resources to buy books.

"We have to free them from Pakistan. The Pakistani people have their agents planted in PoK, who protect the interests of Islamabad while their own children study in the U.S.

on govt. money. The poor children of POK don't even have money to purchase books and other essentials, and travel long distances to reach school.

This is unacceptable and we have to end this system," she said. The protest rally was organised by Kashmir National Awami Party (KANP) and National Students Federation (NSF).

Source: ANI