Pratt (and) Whitney announces DGCA certification for customer training center in Hyderabad

New Delhi [India], Apr 21 : A division of United Technologies Corp., Pratt (and) Whitney has announced today the certification of its customer training center in Hyderabad by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which is the Indian civil aviation regulator.

This is a major milestone for United Technologies Corporation India Private Limited ("Pratt (and) Whitney Customer Training Center India"), as it allows the company to provide DGCA CAR147-approved training to aircraft engineers and technicians from Pratt (and) Whitney's airline customers in the region.

This Pratt (and) Whitney training center, established to enhance the skills of the work force in India's aviation industry, is only the third such Pratt (and) Whitney facility in the world.

The certification means that the training center is now fully approved to offer DGCA-approved training sessions on V2500-A5 engines.

It is expected to soon also offer courses on PW1100G-JM and other models from the PurePower (Regd) Geared Turbofan (GTF) family of engines.

"With the Hyderabad training center, we bring world-class aerospace training closer to our customers in this high-growth region," said general manager customer training Pratt (and) Whitney, Bruce Hall.

"We are proud to deliver training programs that will help create a more skilled local aviation talent pool and support India in becoming a leader in the global aviation industry," added Hall.

Palash Roy Chowdhury, country manager, Pratt (and) Whitney, UTC India, this certification marks a significant step for Pratt (and) Whitney in India, and the company will continue to invest in talent and infrastructure to support the industry's growth.

"The training center will provide instruction in general engine familiarization, line and base maintenance, and borescope inspection," added Chowdhury.

Adding to this he said that the center has a capacity of 5,000 student days per year, which will gradually increase to 9,000 student days per year.

In addition, in support of the government of India's initiative on 'Skill India,' Pratt (and) Whitney is working with multiple state governments to offer customized trainings for students, as well as faculty development programs for teachers from universities and colleges offering aeronautical engineering courses.

Pratt (and) Whitney has a strong presence in India and has been doing business there for more than 60 years.

Today there are well over 100 aircraft in India powered by V2500 engines made by Pratt (and) Whitney and International Aero Engines AG, a consortium in which Pratt (and) Whitney is a majority shareholder.

While the company is now delivering the PurePower Geared Turbofan engines for Airbus aircraft ordered by IndiGo and Go Air, upcoming deliveries are planned for Air Costa as well.

The GTF engine delivers a 16 percent improvement in fuel burn, a 75 percent reduction in noise footprint and a 50 percent reduction in emissions, and is a benchmark that is transforming aviation and revolutionizing modern flight.

Source: ANI