Priyanshu Painyuli talks about learning golf for ‘Rashmi Rocket’

Mumbai, Dec 23 : Actor Priyanshu Painyuli says he was always fascinated by golf, and his upcoming film with Taapsee Pannu helped him to learn the sport.

Priyanshu will be seen opposite Taapsee in "Rashmi Rocket", which has a few golf scenes.

The actor is not familiar with the sport, so he spent the first day understanding the dynamics of the sport.

He worked with a coach on his postures and swings to look authentic in the specific scenes.

"My character in the film plays golf, so it was imperative I learn it. To a layman, golf might look easy. But it's a game about precision. I spent the first day of class understanding the game itself and then started training in the right moves.

Though it is as a part of the film prep, I won't deny that I was always fascinated by the sport," he said.

"I am glad the film is giving me a chance to learn something new. And who knows, I might even continue playing this in the long run. It's important that every character leaves behind something for you and this character of mine is immensely special.

There is a lot to learn from him and I know it's the kind of part that will change you in many ways," he added.



Source: IANS