Punjab Polls: Kejriwal reiterates promise to put Majithia behind bars by Apr 15

Patiala, (Punjab), [India]: Reiterating his promise to put Punjab's Revenue Minister Bikram Majithia behind the bars by April 15, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal continued his attack on the ruling Badal family, accusing them of bringing doom upon the state through their nexus of nepotism.

Addressing the crowd of Patiala yesterday ahead of Punjab assembly polls Kejriwal said, "By 20th March the party would take the office, and by 15th April Majithia would be in Jail.

I urge everyone to note the date down today. Whatever ruckus Badals have caused in Punjab, we'll undo it all." Tearing into the Badal family and their supposed political nepotism, he said that now time has come for them to face the consequences off the menace they had conferred upon Punjab.

"They had a good setting. Everything was functioning well and within the family between uncles, in-laws and nephews and Punjab was taken for a toss.", he said.

"We will end the addiction in Punjab. Over 40lakh children are afflicted and we have full preparation to treat them all.", he added. He claimed to open several clinics, call assistance from outside, if need be and within 6 months, Punjab would be rid of the menace.

On subject of the deep penury and debts, farmers are troubled within Punjab, he claimed that within 3 to 4 years of government, 50 percent profit on a farmers produce, would go to the farmers.

"In this way a farmer would gain what he deserves. And the time a farmer starts earning his rightful, in future no farmer would have to take loans and debt-ridden." He added.

Majithia came into the scanner, when wrestler-turned-drug peddler Jagdish Singh Bhola's recently alleged that Punjab Revenue Minister in the multi- crore international drug trafficking racket.

Majithia, brother-in-law of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, has denied the allegations, but a CBI probe was demanded to expose the alleged drug mafia-politicians-police racket.

Source: ANI