Questioning govt. has become parameter to decide one’s nationalism: Cong

New Delhi [India], Nov. 16 : Congress leader Anand Sharma on Wednesday said that an atmosphere has been created by the BJP-led NDA regime wherein questioning the government has become the parameter to decide one's nationalism.

Speaking in the Upper house, Sharma said, "I condemn the PM's statement in Goa for mocking the people, who are standing in queues.

He must apologise." "There are people, who are taking turns to stand in ATM lines. So many have died standing in line. This government has no compassion. Your government is insensitive," he said. Continuing his outburst against the government, Sharma alleged that the ruling dispensation has brought "financial anarchy" with its move to demonetise high value currency notes.

"Is this law? You have brought financial anarchy to the country. If you are trying to give the impression that it is this government who has taken all actions to fight black money then you are wrong.

The PM does not have the grace to admit that it was the previous government, and you are just continuing.

Today, you have created an environment where you cannot ask questions because if you do, then questions are raised on your patriotism," he added.

Sharma said the whole world got the impression that India's economy runs on black money. "Government has list of those holding black money in Swiss Bank; we demand that Prime Minister must tell who all are there in the list.

An atmosphere has been created by government where questioning the government has become the parameter to decide one's nationalism," he added.

"86 percent of the currency in the markets was 500/1000 notes, was scrapped by just one announcement. Was it all black? Does the farmer, who puts food on our table, bring home black money? We are a civilized country, rule-based country - and you made all its citizens criminals.

Do farmers have credit cards? Which economy works without cash? You have created financial anarchy in this country with your decision.

Which law allows you to stop us from withdrawing our own money from the banks," he added. Lashing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comment that the currency ban would help fight black money and draw out undeclared wealth, Sharma said, "Everyone has become a surgeon, everything is becoming a surgical strike." "Black money won't be lying in suitcases, cupboards.

It would have been invested in property, gold or gone out of country," Everyone claims to be a surgeon today, without ever performing a surgery.

Everything is a surgical strike nowadays. You did not listen to anybody. Just went ahead and announced. And asked the common man to comply," "If you have taken out so much money, why wasn't the replacement available the next day," he added.

The Rajya Sabha took up the discussion on demonetisation of the currency on the opening day of the Winter Session today.

The House suspended the listed business for the day on the demand by the Opposition parties which had given notices.

The Lok Sabha was adjourned till tomorrow after giving obituary to former members including TMC's Renuka Sinha.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier today called for a healthy debate on various issues including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) during the Winter Session of Parliament.

Source: ANI